Triad Wars: Going Offline Early Next Year

12/28/2015 05:45 am by Marcel Wuttig in NewsDownload GamesPC Games

Triad Wars

Triad Wars

We here at hope that you all had wonderful holidays and a festive time with friends and family! If you are a gamer and love action games, you have to be strong now. The guys and girls behind Triad Wars announced that it would be shut down on January 20th. We were particularly surprised that the developers couldn’t wait until after Christmas to share these devastating news. Instead, they turned to their official forum on December 23rd to reveal that they had stopped all development. Not very pleasant news right before Christmas. According to developers United Front Games and publishers Square Enix, the online game based on the Sleeping Dogs franchise got consistently positive feedback from its community. Unfortunately, the title failed to attract large numbers of regular players which is the number one reason why Triad Wars is going offline. The game never left beta testing.

Microtransactions and other purchases have already been disabled since December 20th. Any players who still want to continue playing the action game until it is finally shut down have to do so without purchasing any premium items. Gold that has not been spent yet will be reimbursed in the next few weeks. It is not quite clear yet how players will be compensated. United Front Games will share the exact information on the official game forum.

Source: Official forum

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