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Triad Wars
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Triad Wars Description

The criminal underworld of Hong Kong is looking for a new leader! Do you have what it takes to rule the open world game that’s set in the Sleeping Dogs universe? Prove it by making smart decisions and intimidating other players with brutality and power...


From the makers of Sleeping Dogs comes another action adventure game that will send you on a thrilling journey through both the heart and outskirts of Hong Kong. In Triad Wars, it's best to leave your morals at the door and abandon the path of the righteous Wei Shen as you join an underground gang and turn into the cunning criminal you were destined to be. The tougher you are, the further you will get in this free-to-play title made by United Front Games. You will be asked to run, shoot, fight, drive and - most importantly - rule the Chinese underground with an iron fist.

Triad Wars is set in an open world that will evolve over time, all depending on how players decide to shape the sandbox title. You, too, have a say in how things are handled in the underground. How you rise to the top of Hong Kong's proverbial food chain is entirely up to you. Just know that most ways will require you to pick a weapon, recruit other brawlers and raid safehouses in the hopes of snatching up some good loot. But even if there's nothing of value to steal, you will still have sent a message, letting every other thug know that you are a serious force to be reckoned with. With the right strategy, your triad will turn into the most ruthless and notorious criminal organization the Sleeping Dogs universe has ever seen. Here, life is about ownership and control. Show 'em what you’ve got...

As an enforcer of your very own triad, making money is your number one priority. You have a much bigger skillset to offer than just a common thief, however, and that's why you smuggle illegal wares, counterfeit dollar bills and run errands, you know, as every wealthy kingpin does. From hijacking cars to martial arts combat: Triad Wars has all the controls and gameplay features you remember from Sleeping Dogs. What's the big difference? The fact that this is free-to-play and an MMO, allowing you to work together with other players without having to pay a single dime.

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Triad Wars News

  • Triad Wars: Going Offline Early Next Year

    12/28/2015 05:45 am - We here at hope that you all had wonderful holidays and a festive time with friends and family! If you are a gamer and love action games, you have to be strong now. The guys and girls behind Triad Wars announced that its development...more

  • Triad Wars: First Wave of Keys Sent Out as Closed Beta Begins

    10/23/2014 05:36 am - Triad Wars, the free-to-play continuation of the Sleeping Dogs franchise, was revealed just a few weeks ago. Now, United Front Games is happy to announce that closed beta has officially begun. First invitations have been sent out and anyone lucky...more

  • Triad Wars: Free-to-Play Sleeping Dogs MMO Coming 2015

    09/24/2014 04:27 am - United Front Games generated some buzz earlier this year when they announced that they were working on a new free-to-play game. Many action fans had their fingers crossed for a new Sleeping Dogs game. And guess what? You can now relax your phalanges...more

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