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Travians Description

Build up your own home and find your calling. Many tricky quests and riddles are waiting you. Explore the exciting ancient world of this cute browser game...


Right at the beginning of Travians you are faced with a strange situation: In the middle of a nice day you receive a message from your rich uncle, which changes everything that has been until now.

You go on an entertaining journey into the remote expanses of Travians and end up in an ancient little village, suddenly involved in some mysterious family story. Your heritage does not only include the house of your uncle in the world of Travians but also an ancient family curse. Your task now is to explore the vast world of Travians with the help of the strange villagers to gradually lift the mysterious secret of your family.

But Travians has a lot more surprises and countless exciting adventures in store for you. In Travians you take over the responsibility for your character and its challenging everyday life.

To supply yourself with goods you need to exploit different raw materials and find your individual calling in Travians. For the creative among you, the developers of Travians and the even more successful browser game Travian have thought of a special feature: You can build your own home just as you wish, decorate and remodel!

Also in Travians, you can participate in mini-games in the village’s own tavern, trading in the market place with other players and in trials of strength at the Arena, you show what you’re capable of.

But the key to success in Travians is something else. To truly be victorious, you need cooperation with other players from the huge village community to set up interesting trade links, large groups of friends and powerful guilds with magnificent property.

by Kyle Hayth

Travians Screenshots

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