Travian: Usable Items

12/27/2012 11:30 am by Jonathan Smith in Tips & TricksBrowser GamesAncient World

Here’s a quick list of your heroes usable items in Travian…
Book of Wisdom: Using this book allows you to reset all of the skill points for your hero.

Tablets of Law: for each tablet, the approval rating of your hero’s home village rises by one percent.

Ointment: instantly heals your hero to a maximum of 100 percent.

Cage: allows you to bring animals into the oases in order to protect villages.

Small Bandages: heals up to 1/4 of your troops after a battle. The number of troops healed depends on the number of bandages.

Artwork: additional culture points when used.

Scroll: 10 experience points per scroll.

Bandages: just like small bandages, but can heal up to 1/3 of your troops

Water Bucket: immediate revival of your hero.
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