Travian Kingdoms: Open Beta Starts Soon!

03/04/2015 06:11 am by William Hankin in NewsBrowser GamesStrategy

Travian Kingdoms

Travian Kingdoms

Taking after Travian 4, this free-to-play title includes more features and more advanced gameplay than its predecessor. Travian Kingdoms invites players to choose a faction of humanity with whom they must fight for, building their very own kingdoms and fighting opposing factions with their amassed armies of ruthless soldiers. The Russian open beta for this new free-to-play strategy game will start on 11th March. The German and US servers will follow on 18th March. So players that are eager to get the claws into the new real-time strategy game will have to wait just a teensy weensy little while longer!

Being the first to try out Travian Kingdoms' open beta will give players an advantage over the latecomers. Utilizing this advantage will give players the Travian know-how to gain economic precedence over other players in this new strategy game. Be the first to develop your kingdom and go forth into battle as you engage in real-time combat!

Stay tuned for more Travian Kingdoms news!

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