Travian: New 5x Speed Server coming to the US version of the build-up browser game!

11/22/2010 06:10 am in News

Christmas will come early for players of the strategy-themed online game Travian, with the opening of a new speed server at the beginning of December. The opening of the game world brings a chance for Travian noobies and experts alike to get an equal start in the browser game.
Travian Kingdoms

Travian Kingdoms

Registration for the swift new 5 x speed server will begin on November 29th, with the official server launch occurring at 6.00am on December 1st. Make sure you are one of the first to sign up to play on the new Travian server, starting the fun online game from scratch.

Travian is a strategic browser game published by TravianGames (Travians, Wewaii), online since 2004. You preside over a small village as a Roman, Gaul or Teuton. You collect various resources including wood, iron, cereals and clay in order to support your village.

You also expand a mighty army in order to protect and defend your settlement from outsider attacks, as well as to attack neighboring forts in order to loot them. Build up a powerful nation in an ancient world and go down in Travian history as a powerful and respected leader.

Source: Game homepage
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