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Transverse Description

After MechWarrior Online comes a new project made by Piranha Games. Welcome to a mysterious universe that will have you fight for loot, territory and the ultimate bragging rights. Dive into a science-fiction world that not many dare to explore...


Set in a world much different to our own, Transverse is a project brought to you by Piranha Games. Before any details were made public about the online game, the developers teased players with a countdown. Every day until September 9th, 2014, we could stare at the clock and desperately wait for it to reach zero. Those who were clever enough to decipher a little riddle on the official game homepage could enter the phrase I AM HUMAN to reveal a statement by the creative director behind the mystery MMO. What’s Transverse? A universe to explore. A game that will send you on a science-fiction journey and have you explore futuristic worlds by slipping into the role of a spaceship pilot.

Transverse is the biggest production for Piranha Games since MechWarrior Online. While the latter is all about robots that head into battle to fight for fame and glory, this game follows a more open world approach. Here, you get to conquer different planets and show everyone that you have what it takes to be a space captain and control the universe. Making a name for yourself might not be easy at first, but as you collect more experience and upgrade your equipment, winning will come naturally to a gifted pilot like yourself. The online game gives you different opportunities to interact with other players. You can join forces and explore the depths of Transverse with friends or challenge them to action-packed duels and take them down with the right battle tactics.

Whether you trust in cyborg gadgets to keep you safe or prefer unleashing the power of stealth combat, every play style is encouraged in Transverse. In this MMO that might possibly be free-to-play at some point, it’s up to you to advance and customize your character by playing through challenging missions and helping out others. Turn this online world into the utopia that you have been dreaming about...

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