Transport Empire
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Transport Empire
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Transport Empire Description

Become a budding entrepreneur as you build an entire Victorian Empire out of nothing but a piece of land, hard work, and determination. The question is: are you ready for your very own steampunk construction adventure?


Transport Empire takes you back to the Victorian Era when technology still ran on steam. In this free-to-play mobile game you play as Lynn Skytell, a hard-nosed business woman who is determined to build her very own empire out of the barren countryside. Your first task is to find the resources to begin building and developing your towns and transport systems. Coal, wood, and iron are all valuable commodities which can be used as building materials to aid in the construction and renovation of the country's settlements.

You must use your logistical skills to manage and maintain the country in this simulation game with its bustling ports, towns, and cities. Try to develop new buildings to unlock valuable upgrades and to gain more resources, whilst building and managing factories and starting contracts with mines to gain the materials you need. What is more, an important part of the game is to earn the respect of the local residents. It is your job to keep them happy and not disturb the peace with all the construction.

The locomotives in this game range from your standard passenger trains to chugging steam-powered boats, most of which are based on real life vehicles found in the Victorian Era. You can customize your vehicles to suit you, but remember your residents will need to be catered for with special passenger carriages whilst not forgetting about transport for your building materials, using specialized freight trains to carry wood and steel girders.

This mobile game is full of colorful characters and interesting story lines. You will run into friends and foes on your path to becoming a business tycoon, just be sure to avoid the sinister schemes and plots of your enemies who all wish to see you fail.

Transport Empire is brought to you by Game Insight and is free to purchase and download for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch on iOS 5 and later and is also available for Android.

by William Hankin

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