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TrainStation Description

Become a mogul by expanding your train empire and trading goods and materials with other players in this browser game. Prove to the world that you have what it takes to single-handedly change train stations everywhere and be the future of locomotives...


Trains seem to have something oddly fascinating about them: They are not only the perfect way for traders to safely conduct their business, but have also gone through a lot of changes over the past few decades. TrainStation invites you to play through the history of trains by investing in-game currency in steam-powered trains and become a railway tycoon by unlocking new technologies along the way. Visiting the construction yard from time to time in this browser game surely pays off, as this is the building that will grant you access to new locomotives and trains. From capacity to wagons to power: Customize your trains to adapt to the current demand and set yourself apart from other players.

What would a railway simulation be without a proper train station? You get to decide the overall look of your train station in this browser game and control what goes in and what goes out. This free-to play online game will always keep you up to speed on who your neighbors and friends are, allowing you to trade resources and exchange the best TrainStation tactics via the chat system. Need a little bit of help getting started? Contact more experienced players and feel free to ask for advice.

You may start out by owning only one simple train, but it won’t be long until you have an entire fleet at your command. We recommend playing through missions and completing challenges to not only unlock experience points and level up your account, but also get your hands on enough currency to buy new equipment. Trading with partners grants you a steady income which can be used to increase your TrainStation rating and surpass the competition. Understanding the history of trains will give you an edge over other players, that's for sure, and grant you enough knowledge to efficiently research new technologies.

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