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Tower Heroes
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Tower Heroes Description

The well-known genre of Tower Defense just got a face lift. This colorful browser based game has a cartoon like style where you are tasked with building up your virtual empire in a medieval setting.


Tower Heroes is a free to play browser game based on the Tower Defense archetype. You find yourself in the middle ages with an art style that is far removed from the drab and dreary colors that characterize most castles of that era. At the beginning of the game you must decide whether your hero will belong to the race of Dwarves, Elves or Men. Only after you have chosen your allegiance will you earn your castle and your right to defend it. At first your castle’s defenses will be far from adequate for the sieges that will surely come, so you will have to venture forth from your gates to gather the resources that surround your fortress. Only when you have enough resources can you start building up your defenses to stand a chance against the incoming hordes of enemies.

In Tower Heroes there are plenty of ways to make your fortifications unique, yet still effective. You can build catapults, walls and everything in between to drive off your oncoming enemies. You must act quickly though and build up your defenses so that they not only strike fear in the hearts of your opponents, but also obliterate them and thwart their thoughts of triumph.

As dire as this situation sounds, you actually won’t have to go into it alone. You will be able to team up with friends or any other players you meet to coordinate defenses and simultaneously protect both of your hides. Diplomacy and negotiating skills also have their place in this world and can even play a rather important role. In your alliances, you can plan a lot more than on your own and so deciding how you want to proceed through the game in the future takes on more importance with all of the various ways to secure your safety outside of simply strengthening your stockades. Sure up your stronghold today in Tower Heroes!

Tower Heroes Screenshots

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