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Touch Description

Dress up in the latest fashion and take to the dance floor in this free download game! Whether you prefer going solo or getting other friends to shake their groove with you, this is a competition that will put your sense of rhythm to the test...


For some people, dancing is more than just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle! If you are eager to conquer the dance floor and wow the judges with your moves, Touch might just be the game for you. Here, you will create a character, unlock new costumes and prove to the online world that you have all the right moves. Using the arrow keys of your keyboard, you will guide your characters and tell them which part of their body to move. The bigger the combo, the higher the overall score!

Touch requires a stable internet connection and is available as a free download. The download game has various dance modes for all players to try out, giving you a chance to hone your skills and give it your all on different single-player stages before heading into multiplayer battles. What counts in this free-to-play title are quick reflexes and nimble fingers. See a dance move popping up on your monitor? Press the respective keys as soon as possible before missing a beat. From rocking tunes to pop music that will leave you tapping your feet in real life: Touch has something for every taste.

Similar to Music Soul, Touch International Online rewards every dance with experience points. As you unlock new levels and advance in the free-to-play online title, you unlock new features and stages to play through. Collect resources to unlock new outfits, moves and game modes! Players can also take up tutoring and show new dancers the ropes.

There is more to this competitive dancing game than just moving characters to the beat of the music, however. You can also spend resources to craft new fashion items and customize your appearance. Those of you looking to start a virtual family can also raise a baby and marry a significant other. This will give you additional characters to dance with. A family that dances together, stays together...

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