Total War Battles – Kingdom: New Water Management System and a Bonus Code

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Total War Battles: Kingdom

Total War Battles: Kingdom

The developers of Total War Battles: Kingdom, Creative Assembly, have just rolled out a new patch for their free-to-play strategy game along with a bonus code for 250 gold and a new exclusive Dragon Crest Banner. If you simply input TCWG497B6J into the “redeem code” section of the shop, you will receive the bonus gold and banner.

These bonuses appear to be here to soften the blow that there will be a complete wipe of any progress on a previous town with this patch. You still have your character profile, but you will need to build another town up from scratch.

The new patch brings a number of notable improvements to the free-to-play strategy game:

  • Reduced timers to promote longer play sessions.
  • A redesigning of the resource mechanic when gathering resources from quarries, where the rewards are much greater, but the deposits are more difficult to find.
  • The layout of the realm has been changed to allow space management to be more complex and challenging, and to allow navigation to be much easier.
  • A completely revamped water management system.
  • A brand new neighbor bonus system for town buildings.

The new neighbor bonus menu

New Water Management and Neighbor Bonus System

The new water management system means that it has never been easier to remodel and terraform your kingdom. Changes when opening and closing dams now have an immediate effect, so you can create wetlands, or fill up river beds much faster.

A new neighbor bonus system means that buildings in your town will get specific bonuses based on the neighboring buildings. This can bring a range of different bonus attributes for your units, and is all completely explained in a new UI panel that shows which buildings grant which bonuses.

The full patch notes can be found here.

Source: Official Website

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