Total War Battles: Kingdom
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Total War Battles: Kingdom
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Total War Battles: Kingdom Description

If you have always thought of yourself worthy of a throne and yearn for domination and power, then look no further. This strategy game will see you battling other players online as you fight for your right to that almighty chair.


Immerse yourself into the 3D medieval environments that make up the quality graphics in this cross-platform MMORTS. Like Forge of Empires and Anno Online, this title invites you to construct your very own kingdom from scratch, and eventually develop it into an empire. Engage in some devious social scheming with your allies and plot against your foes in the hope of gaining domination and power over your enemies and reigning supreme among you and the other players online.

Total War Battles: Kingdom is set during the turbulent 10th century when kings ruled the lands and ordered large scale battles throughout the continents in an attempt to take down the other rulers and claim the land for themselves. From ashes to riches, you must rule your territory, dragging it up from the ruins left over from the Dark Ages to bring back economic power and glory to your people. This will be no easy task. Like any race to the top, you'll be met with fierce competition that will stop at nothing to bring you down!

Beginning with just a small settlement, you must progressively expand it in order to establish your very own kingdom! It is up to you to constantly shape the lands with new fortresses, markets, castles, and outposts; transforming the countryside with imposing buildings that reflect your authority and power. Use the surrounding lands to your advantage when designing your settlements. The lakes provide welcome protection against large armies of soldiers which would have to jump in and swim across if they hope to reach you. Another means of defense lies in high castle walls which can keep out the ones that are able to swim through the moats.

This strategy game is cross-platform, meaning it can be played across multiple devices. This means that you can play this game on your computer and your mobiles at any time, wherever and whenever you want, providing you have an internet connection!

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