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Torpia Description

Command a hell-raising troop of evil soldiers to the battlefield or lead your empire to affluence and wealth using calculated economic strategy in this exciting browser MMOG...


Online strategy game Torpia takes you back in time to a medieval world, where you take either the good or the evil road to victory – but unlike in other strategy games, you can’t do both. Track down the precious amulets, put together the scrolls and conquer the land either as a 'good' or an 'evil' player in the medieval realm of Torpia.

'Good' players use tactical economic strategy to acquire the amulets and develop a thriving economy. They are able to build farms, lumber mills and mines and can have up to 19 buildings in their settlement. Good players can trade resources with evil players in exchange for protection, and use their sacred temple to increase their chances of finding the amulets.

'Evil' players use fierce military combat to conquer enemy troops and viciously attack opponents. They are able to construct bandit camps, archery ranges, military academies, stables, siege workshops and other crucial military dwellings.

Your chances of victory are greatly improved with the formation of a brotherhood with allied players. It is only through strategy and cooperation that you can accomplish the epic mission set before you. Should your brave brotherhood find all the amulets and construct all the scrolls, then you have claimed victory over Torpia and won the game. The game server is then automatically reset giving you the opportunity to learn from your past mistakes and test new strategies and tactics.

The strategic military game Torpia features simple navigation and a clean functional interface.

Decide whether you will be a good player and lead your colony to economic power, or whether you will roam the land as an evil player and accompany your brave battalion into the core of epic battles. Torpia awaits you.

by Kyle Hayth

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