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Torn Description

A life of crime is a dog-eat-dog world and you need to get to the top. You must, by any means necessary, survive to become the most powerful crime lord the city has ever seen…


Torn is a free-to-play browser RPG that puts you in the middle of a crime ridden city. Take to the streets and prove you have what it takes to get to the top. You will have to train hard because you never know when someone might try to put you in the hospital or try to get you out of the way.

Starting out with low stats and nothing in your name, Torn makes you earn what you get. To increase your stats, you will have to head to the gym and train hard. Through training, you can boost your strength, speed, defense or dexterity. Doing so will surely help you in any scrap you may get yourself into.

Committing crimes is also an important aspect of Torn. You must successfully commit crimes in order to gain experience and level your character. You can do such crimes as shoplifting, grand theft auto or even bombings. The more serious the crime, the more nerve you will need have to have to complete it.

If you get tired of just roaming the town looking for trouble, you could always head over to the casino in Torn and try your hand at some gambling. You can play poker, roulette, the lottery or even Keno. Here you can win money and prizes or you could lose your fortune.

Getting injured in Torn can have some serious consequences. Be careful who you pick a fight with because you could land in the hospital. Once you are in the hospital, you must wait until your wounds are healed to get back out on the street again.

There is always safety in numbers and in Torn there is certainly no exception to that rule. Join a gang or create your own and have players join it. Gangs are groups of players that play together and have a common goal in mind or just like having the sense of community.

Torn, the free-to-play browser RPG, makes you work for every inch of ground on the streets. Compete with thousands of other players to prove that you have what it takes to rule the streets. Training hard and committing crimes is the only way to level your character and make your way to the top.

by Kyle Hayth

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