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  • Top MMORPGs of 2016

    01/03/2016 07:15 am - A very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at! As the year draws to an end, it’s time for us to look back on the events of 2015, and look forward to some cool and exciting games slated for the next one....more

  • Top Action Games for 2016

    01/02/2016 04:00 am - Fans of action games the world over are getting excited at the thought of even more games to play when 2016 rolls around. We have put together a list of what we think are the top action games for 2016....more

  • Top Online Games 2016

    01/01/2016 04:00 am - Happy New Year! 2015 is history, so there’s no need to think about the tops and the flops of the last 12 months anymore. Let’s focus on the future now and think about all the wonderful games that are scheduled to come out this year. Keep in mind that...more

  • Top Mobile Games of 2016

    12/31/2015 04:00 am - Now that we’ve recapped the last 12 months in our various tops and flops of 2015, it’s time to focus on the next year. 2015 is basically over, and 2016 is starting tomorrow. What is there to look forward to? What can you enjoy on your Android, iOS, a...more

  • Top MMORPGs of 2015

    12/28/2015 03:55 am - As the year draws to a close, it’s traditionally a time for giving, forgiveness, and of course reflection. We’ve been doing a lot of reflection here at browsergamez, as we have been looking back on the top MMORPGs of the last year in 2015....more

  • The Biggest Flops of 2015

    12/27/2015 04:00 am - Well, there can’t only be big successes within the online and mobile gaming industry over the course of a year. Our Rant and Rave specials indicate that we have lots of things to feel happy about, but equally as many that enrage us. When we are refer...more

  • Top Browser Games 2015

    12/26/2015 04:30 am - The gaming industry has changed quite a bit in the last few years. While in 2010, browser games dominated the free-to-play online gaming world, the industry has shifted towards mobile games and download games in more recent years. However, we are nam...more

  • Top Online Games 2015

    12/25/2015 04:10 am - Yesterday, we presented our pick for the top mobile games of 2015. Today, on Christmas Day, we want to present our choice for the best online games of the year! Merry Christmas! Feel free to share your comments below, as you might agree or disagree w...more

  • Top Mobile Games 2015

    12/24/2015 04:00 am - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from! It’s Christmas, which means that 2015 is only another seven days long, which means that it is time to start recapping the year and start thinking about what’s to come next year. Starting t...more

  • Top 5 Star Wars Games

    12/18/2015 04:00 am - Everywhere you look, you see the iconic Star Wars logo. There’s no escaping it. There’s Stormtrooper themed chocolate, Jedi themed water, and all kinds of other random merchandise. Basically, if you can print the Star Wars logo on it, it exists. Whil...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - The Grand Tournament Hearthstone Cards

    08/28/2015 07:05 am - So The Grand Tournament is finally live, and the dust has settled after the flurry of pack openings and deck-building that has resulted in some good, bad, and ugly decks being produced using the 132 new cards. Now that we’ve had some time to think ab...more

  • Reasons Why the Summer Is Contradicting for Gamers

    07/17/2015 09:00 am - Don’t get us wrong – we love the summer! I mean, what’s there not to like right? The weather is beautiful; birds sing their lovely songs; the days are nice and long; there is usually a long vacation, and often a nice trip to the beach. It turns out t...more

  • This Week’s Top 5: Badass Female Characters Reloaded

    06/05/2015 10:00 am - Remember our Top 5 in 2013 in which we discussed badass female characters in gaming? Well, a lot has happened since that list. A few months ago, World Women’s Day brought a lot of strong female characters to video gaming. Also, our last list mostly f...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Steam Game Reviews

    05/22/2015 10:00 am - As people running a webiste offering games, we try not to advocate Valve's platform too much. As gamers, we adore Steam. What's utterly fantastic to us are Steam reviews. Have you ever scrolled through a game's list of reviews? We would highly...more

  • This Week’s Top 5 - The 20th Century in Video Gaming

    04/17/2015 10:00 am - It is hard for us to believe that some of our readers out there are children of the 21st century. Here in the editorial staff, we still remember the last few decades of the last millennium, some of us in more and some of us in less detail. We have...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Game Over

    04/10/2015 10:00 am - If you’re a gamer, you’ve got to live with the positive and the negative aspects of your number one hobby. That means that you will only be able to cherish the moments of success if you can deal with the intermittent failure. It just comes with the...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Game Mashups

    04/03/2015 10:00 am - Some game studios will go out of their way to continue a franchise - no matter the cost, no matter the risk - often resulting in questionable endeavors. Passionate gamers like us see opportunities everywhere, so when we deal with different titles...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Minecraft Creations

    03/27/2015 11:00 am - Taking the gaming world by storm, Minecraft introduced a unique form of gameplay where players could essentially play god as they created all manner of buildings using the familiar Minecraft blocks. Many developers have since taken inspiration from...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - More Lookalikes

    03/20/2015 11:00 am - It’s rather difficult to come up with an original concept these days. Seemingly everything has been done already! All new games and characters seem to draw inspiration from previous franchises, even when not done on purpose. Our goal here on...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Dynamic Video Game Duos

    03/13/2015 10:00 am - Sonny & Cher, Donnie & Marie, Captain Kirk & Spot: If you are anything like me, dynamic duos in 60s music and television are a source of infinite joy for you. They're not? Well, how about in video games then? There have been many magnificent pairs...more

  • This Week’s Top 5 - Endless Runners

    03/06/2015 10:00 am - An endless runner game is where you navigate a character a round a course of increasingly difficult obstacles with increasing speed. The game will get continuously harder until, well, you die! Mostly released as mobile games, utilizing the touchscree...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Gaming YouTube Channels

    02/27/2015 10:00 am - In just a few years, YouTube has turned from a simple video portal to a network of bloggers. Some post videos of their daily lives, others lend a helping hand with DIY tutorials. And then there are gamers, also known as Let’s Players, putting out...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Witches

    02/20/2015 10:00 am - What does it mean to be a witch? Are there good witches and bad witches? Do they all have magical powers? Are they strictly female? There are many unknowns surrounding this topic and quite what a witch actually is a mystery in itself. There are many...more

  • This Week's Top 5: Crazy Glitches

    02/13/2015 10:30 am - Video game glitches can either be annoying, hilarious, or darn right terrifying.This week’s top 5 will explore these game faults that turn what would be normal gameplay into an hilarious horror show. Glitches are simply faults in the code which resul...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Signs of Playing Too Much

    02/06/2015 10:00 am - Parents, teachers and scientists are quick to throw around words like "addiction" and “dependency" when it comes to playing video games. Sure, we spend hours upon hours in front of a screen to lose ourselves in virtual realities, but does that mean...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Animal Companions

    01/30/2015 10:00 am - There’s a saying that dogs are a man’s best friend and while we wholeheartedly agree with that statement, all animals are precious creatures that make our lives so much more enjoyable. It’s no wonder then that fuzzy little furballs are also a big...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Unbelievable Gaming Records

    01/16/2015 11:00 am - Gamers never fail to amaze us here at for their sheer determination and dedication. They surprise us every time for their wacky ideas as to what is normally and what isn’t, always surpassing our idea of mad and taking us into the r...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Nerdy Theme Parks

    01/09/2015 10:00 am - Playing games online is fun and all, but can you imagine strutting into an actual theme park that’s based on your favorite franchise? We can, now that we have done some super serious research on what kind of nerdy amusement parks exist in the world...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Most Anticipated Games of 2015

    01/01/2015 10:00 am - When the streets are busy with last-minute shoppers and families everywhere are getting ready to battle it out at the dinner table over political events, you just know that Christmas is right around the corner. We’ve already had a merry Top 5 this...more

  • This Week’s SPECIAL Top 5 - Merry Xmas 2014

    12/25/2014 04:40 am - ‘Tis the season to be jolly - and jolly we are! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of our loyal readers. It is hard to imagine that yet another year has passed. Seems like it was yesterday that we sat down and wrote our last Christmas Top 5...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Controversial Gaming Bans

    12/19/2014 10:00 am - Many games these days thrive on being controversially violent, with disturbing scenes that take you from normal human being to psychopathic murderer at the click of a button. It seems that there is a fine moral line that developers must not cross in...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Gaming Anthems

    12/12/2014 10:00 am - It feels good to be part of a community. You know that whenever, wherever, there will always be people who not only enjoy the same things as you, but will also have your back and get excited over the same silly little details. And what's the easiest...more

  • This Week's Top 5: Impossible Bosses

    12/05/2014 11:00 am - Deciding who is the most difficult boss to kill in gaming history is a subjective topic that requires much debate. However, it is fair to assume that the top five this week represent bosses that are ,at least, quite hard to bring down. While there ar...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Cooking Games

    11/28/2014 10:00 am - Another Thanksgiving has passed. While some folks see this classic North American holiday as celebrating the genocide of Native Americans, others are simply excited by the amount of food that’s bound to be on the family dinner table. From whole...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Beautiful MMORPG Scenes

    11/21/2014 10:00 am - Beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder, but there is no denying the allure of some current MMORPGs. Some of the scenes are simply breathtaking and while it's true they are only made up of computer pixels, you can still get deeply immersed into...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Gaming Charity

    11/14/2014 10:00 am - Gamers don’t necessarily have a good reputation. While the attitude towards us as a group has shifted a little bit over the years, we’re still often marginalized as sociopathic violence enthusiasts that have nothing better to do than shoot down...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Weird Creatures

    11/07/2014 10:00 am - Thinking up what bizarre creatures to design has got to be one of the perks of being a game developer. There is no end to the oddities that we see in games these days as they become increasingly twisted and strange. From far-out graphics to...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Free Horror Games

    10/31/2014 11:00 am - The days leading up to Halloween and the actual holiday itself are usually very tumultuous. Society either expects you to go outside and hunt for candy or stay at home, host a party and entertain your guests. As gamers, this can get pretty tiring...more

  • This Week's Top 5 - Tasty Halloween Treats

    10/24/2014 10:00 am - Television has us thinking that Halloween is all about watching scary movies or embracing the supernatural, but let’s be real here: It’s all about the candy. While some people prefer munching on candy corn, others would rather bust open a jawbreaker...more

  • This Week’s Top 5: Beaches

    10/17/2014 10:00 am - It’s really strange how we get inspired for our weekly top 5 lists sometimes. It can happen while browsing through our database, while playing video games in our spare time, whenever a new game update comes out, or when a new game is announced. This...more

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