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ToonRacer Description

On your marks, get set; go, into the fun of this 3D alien-themed racing browser game. Participate in various races in a quirky and colorful world in a futuristic setting...


ToonRacer is a browser-based online game that takes players on an epic racing adventure as one of several cute animated alien characters. These quirky aliens have been left stranded on planet Earth, after a failed attempt to pull of the Blakhol jump. Each alien has its own personality and look, as well as racing advantages and disadvantages. With no hope of getting back home, they have decided to focus on just one thing: racing.

There are several action-packed races in which you can participate in ToonRacer, each of which brings new excitement, adventures and challenges! Hop on your very own Toon Bike and get ready to battle against your opponents in a bid for first place. You can not only use tactics and speed to ensure victory, but powerful rocket launches and sneaky maneuvers. You can race across rolling hills, through dark tunnels and across icy plains in the fun racing browser game ToonRacer.

The futuristic free-to-play browser game ToonRacer is powered by a 3D Unity graphics engine, giving you the feeling that you are at the core of the action. Head to the starting line, start your engines, and get ready for an action-packed 3D racing adventure with some of the bravest aliens in the universe! Death defying races and exciting rewards await you in the 3D browser game ToonRacer.

by Kyle Hayth

ToonRacer Screenshots

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