Tome: Immortal Arena
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Tome: Immortal Arena
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Tome: Immortal Arena Description

Choose your hero and engage in intense battle action between you and other players online. From angels to demons, to robots, to monsters, each hero is unique! Wield their powers to take down your enemies and become the champion of this free-to-play game.


The MOBA gaming genre, or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, has taken off in recent years as gaming technology improves, giving us more options than ever to obliterate our opponents with new exciting forms of gameplay, not to mention high tech new weapons. Tome: Immortal Arena is one of the latests MOBAs to hit the scene and uses the standard format of gameplay, which is to choose a hero and go forth into battle where you will meet like-minded players who you must kill to progress.

This free-to-play game features an original cast of characters that are based on ancient gods, and the elements of creation, like earth, air, fire, and water. Ok, so that doesn’t exactly scream original. But the gameplay does have some unique features which differentiate this MOBA from others like League of Legends or Dota 2. Firstly, it is very easy to pick up and new players won’t be singled out like in other games. Unless you really are terrible at the game, in which case you will likely be killed fairly quickly. But hey, practice makes perfect!

There are over a dozen heroes, or in this case guardians, each having unique abilities and strengths in battle. Some abilities will be more destructive than others and some will require more skill to carry out. Each hero differs hugely in terms of their appearance, fighting style, strength, power, stamina, (the list goes on). So, it’s up to you to choose which hero best suits your fighting style at the beginning of each match. Take Morelock for example, he is a horned skeletal creature who possesses dark magical abilities, like the ominously named Spine Sever attack (no points for guessing what that ability does). Then there’s Nyri, whose appearance couldn't be more opposite to Morlock’s, with beautiful wings and golden armor. This versatility in Tome: Immortal Arena's heroes makes for an interesting MOBA where each match is completely unique!

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