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Titans of Time
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Titans of Time Description

This browser based MMORPG takes you on an adventure through various different zones and temples, with hundreds of quests and missions along the way to keep you busy...


In the 3D browser game Titans of Time you are able to play one of several customizable character classes, each with different skills and characteristics. Roam the world as a mystical Priest, a swift Assassin, a wise Philosopher or a brave Titan. Each of these classes display varying fighting techniques – your job is to decide which one you prefer and then jump into your new role.

There are several professions available in the browser game Titans of Time for your character to learn, which include fishing, cooking, herbalism and alchemy. In the online game Titans of Time you are able to conjure up healing potions, gather helpful herbs, catch your own fresh fish, become a star at cooking, and more.

Additionally, your character can learn several talents which will help in the various quests and battles they will be faced with. Talents include brutality, improved bludgeon, precision, rampage, resilience, defiance, stamina and a host of others. Your character's stats must be managed at all times to ensure that you are in an optimal playing and fighting state.

When coming face-to-face with your opponents in the free-to-play browser game Titans of Time, you must react quickly and powerfully by striking fast and casting powerful spells that cripple your enemies. As you gain experience and defeat enemy players your spells, inventory and even talents can be upgraded, providing you with even more strength and resistance in combat.

Join the 3D adventures in the browser based MMORPG Titans of Time and begin your quest-filled journey.

by Kyle Hayth

Titans of Time Screenshots

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