Tips and Tricks for Online Games
  • Armored Warfare: Beginners Guide to Classes

    10/11/2015 06:05 am - So Obsidian Entertainments latest tank game has launched! It was in closed beta for quite some time, but the doors are now open for everyone to get involved. This means it’s a perfect time to write some tips to help out new players!...more

  • The Simpsons - Tapped Out: Complete Guide to Halloween 2015

    10/07/2015 11:14 am - It’s once again Halloween in Springfield, and the Treehouse of Horror has kicked off this year with a load of new content in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. We are here to help you out and give you tips and tricks for this year’s event. A complete guide!...more

  • Nords Heroes of the North: Guide to Gear and Upgrading

    09/28/2015 11:28 am - In Nords: Heroes of the North, gear is really important to taking down your enemies and being a formidable warrior. The free-to-play game features loads of different options for gear and upgrades, and we are here to give you some tips to be efficient...more

  • World of Warships: Guide to Carriers

    09/23/2015 05:12 am - One thing that new players of the free-to-play World of Warships have problems with is using carriers effectively. Here we are to help out new players by giving you some helpful tips and tricks to land those torpedoes and use your planes effectively....more

  • Echo of Soul: Guide to Classes for New Players

    09/20/2015 07:50 am - The free-to-play MMORPG has been picking up new players as it has gained popularity. We are going to give you a quick guide to the classes so you know what to choose. For those that don’t know Echo of Soul is an MMORPG from Aeria Games. We have a...more

  • Trove: Beginners Guide to Professions

    09/16/2015 05:43 am - The voxel MMORPG from Trion Worlds is getting an influx of new players wanting to try the game. We are here to help new Trove players find their feet in the free to play game....more

  • Paradise Bay: Top Tips for New Players

    09/15/2015 11:53 am - So you’ve decided to pick up King’s latest mobile game! Paradise Bay is a free-to-play city-builder that is gathering steam and new players pretty quickly. We are here to help any of you out that have just started so you can get the most out of your...more

  • H1Z1: 5 Tips to Not Suck at Battle Royale

    09/14/2015 08:59 am - Anyone that knows anything about H1Z1 will know that Daybreak have recently introduced Battle Royale, and have been investing a lot of time and effort in this new mode, and even showcased it at TwitchCon this year....more

  • Nords - Heroes of the North: Tips on Defending against Invaders

    09/11/2015 09:25 am - Today we will be giving you some tips on keeping your resources and units safe from invaders when playing the free-to-play strategy game, Nords: Heroes of the North....more

  • Star Stable: Top 5 Tips for Racing

    09/11/2015 04:53 am - Racing in the game is something that a lot of players enjoy, but don’t always know how to do well. Today we will be helping budding jockeys get the most out of their horses by giving you 5 top tips to improve your racing!...more

  • Tanki Online: Tips for New Players

    09/08/2015 08:00 am - For those that haven’t heard, Tanki Online is a free-to-play tank game, where you have to team up and fight other players in a customized tank....more

  • Trove: Starting your Cornerstone

    09/08/2015 07:52 am - After we tried out the voxel MMORPG from Trion Worlds, Trove, we thought it was good fun. Today we will be helping out new players by giving you a quick guide on how to get your cornerstone up and running, and a place you can be proud of....more

  • World of Warships: Aiming Advice for New Players

    09/03/2015 11:45 am - So you’ve just jumped into a game of World of Warships, excited about the news that the official release of the free-to-play game is just around the corner, and you’re not really sure what to do. Need some help aiming? We are here to help....more

  • Trove: Guide to Melee Classes

    09/01/2015 11:05 am - The melee classes have a playstyle that consists of getting as close to the enemy as fast as possible, using weapons like swords, maces, and axes. This guide will help you decide which is the best class....more

  • Trove: Guide to Ranged Classes

    09/01/2015 11:01 am - These guys specialize in dealing as much damage as possible from afar using a range of abilities and weapons. You should be careful, because ranged classes are not designed to take lots of damage. Which ranged class is the best for you?...more

  • Trove: Which Class to Choose?

    09/01/2015 10:55 am - Once you’ve fired up Trove (the new voxel MMO from Trion Worlds) for the first time, you’re faced with the question which so many players ask themselves when starting a new MMO: Which class is for me? Which class is the best?...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: How to Survive Day 5 in MixTape

    08/29/2015 04:10 am - A few days ago, the guys and girls over at PopCap released a new world for Plants vs. Zombies 2. We told you, we’d help you make it through the more difficult levels, and it seems like we’ve already stumbled upon the first challenging stage. Day 5’s...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: How to Defeat Punk Zombies

    08/27/2015 06:01 am - Every new world in Plants vs. Zombies 2 introduces new types of zombies. The Neon MixTape Tour is certainly no exception. One of the more challenging new types of walking dead is the so called Punk Zombie. These nasty little punks are not particular...more

  • Warface: Beginner's Guide to Classes

    08/25/2015 08:50 am - As with any FPS, it’s not always obvious what class will fit your playstyle, especially if the classes have particularly generic sounding names. Warface is a free-to-play FPS game that players are flocking to...more

  • Fallout Shelter: How to Make Your Dwellers Happy

    08/24/2015 08:20 am - When we first heard about Fallout Shelter, we thought that it would be a very straight forward simulation, similar to games such as The Simpsons: Tapped Out. You assign a character to do something, wait, and then collect the rewards. Turns out that B...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: Survive in Level 31 of The Lost City

    08/22/2015 04:00 am - The last level before your battle against Dr. Zomboss in The Lost City is not quite as difficult as the stage before. That is not to say however that it doesn’t require a smart strategy. If you stick to our set-up and follow our step by step guide, y...more

  • World of Tanks: A Beginner's Guide to Artillery in the Shooter

    08/21/2015 09:55 am - So you’ve downloaded World of Tanks for free, and you like the idea of trying artillery. While it’s a load of fun to rain terror and ordinance upon your enemies from afar, it’s not completely clear on how to do this effectively....more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: How to Survive Level 30 of The Lost City

    08/20/2015 09:06 am - Plants vs. Zombies 2 is certainly one of those mobile games that can be quite challenging. Usually, it is always rewarding as well, as the right tactics will get you through the hardest of challenges. The same holds true for level 30 of The Lost City...more

  • Angry Birds 2: How to Make Use of the Birds’ Abilities

    08/19/2015 11:45 am - Angry Birds 2 has quickly stormed to the top of the app charts. Millions of players are currently fighting their way through the levels trying to destroy each and every one of the Bad Piggies’ fortresses. As always, Rovio has given each bird a unique...more

  • World of Warships: Mod Installation Guide

    08/19/2015 10:45 am - World of Warships has been available free-to-play for a while now, and more and more gamers are starting to develop mods for the game. Just like with World of Tanks, a modding community is growing, and it's not always clear how to install mods....more

  • Fallout Shelter: Tips for New Players

    08/17/2015 04:39 am - Here at we are aware that there are hoards of players who are just starting their new job as a Vault Overseer, and we thought it might be helpful to give you all a few pointers to help you on your way with stabilizing the inhabitants...more

  • Trove: Tips for New Players

    08/16/2015 04:30 am - The MMORPG genre can sometimes be a bit daunting, as you are faced with a veritable wall of information the second you step foot into the game. World chat is flooded with completely alien acronyms and words, there are more hotkeys than you have butto...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: Guide through Level 23 of The Lost City

    07/31/2015 06:37 am - Phew, this level is definitely up there with some of the stages of the Big Wave Beach. It might even be the most hectic level in Plants vs. Zombies 2 ever. So, if you decide to delve into level 23 of The Lost City, make sure that you can really devot...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: Tip against the Imp Porter

    07/30/2015 08:40 am - We’ve already given you some more specific advice on the Lost City in Plants vs. Zombies 2 in the last few weeks. Now, it’s time for some more general help again. In level 19, you will be introduced to the Imp Porter, a pesky little creature that wil...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: Guide through Level 12 of the Lost City

    07/29/2015 04:00 am - This one is pretty tough, we have to say! Level 8 of The Lost City in Plants vs. Zombies 2 was challenging, but very manageable once you figured out a good strategy. This one is very chaotic and all over the place. We will still try to give you some...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: Level 8 Walkthrough of the Lost City

    07/28/2015 04:00 am - Now that you know how to succeed against the Excavator and Parasol Zombies, it is time to focus on particular levels of the Lost City. Level 8 is the first level of this world that gets somewhat more challenging. Don’t worry, it will be quite managea...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: General Guide for The Lost City

    07/27/2015 08:13 am - In June and July, the guys and girls over at PopCap launched the latest world for their tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies 2. The Lost City came in two parts – as always – and brought many new plants and zombies as well as a new game mechanic whic...more

  • AlphaBetty Saga: General Advice for the Puzzle Game

    07/06/2015 11:12 am - AlphaBetty Saga is surprisingly difficult! Knowing that the game was developed by, I expected a very casual gaming experience, but the puzzle game gets very difficult very fast. If you don’t use the right strategy, you might begin struggling...more

  • Don’t Split – Tip

    06/30/2015 05:51 am - We have shared our two cents on; we have given advice on how to succeed as a small cell, as a mid-sized cell, and as a giant. We can’t help but go back again and again into the browser game, just to see how far we will get this time. Yesterda...more

  • Some Tips for Giant Cells

    06/28/2015 04:55 am - is easily one of the most addicting, but also one of the most frustrating free-to-play browser games that we have played in a while. It’s swept across the internet in no time. Big streamers are playing it everywhere, partially due to its wack...more

  • Survive as a Mid-Sized Cell

    06/27/2015 06:00 am - Sometimes, there are games whose success comes out of the blue. These games sweep across our editorial office in no time and are constantly mentioned. It was Hearthstone at one point, then Clash of Clans. Now, there’s barely a day here in the office...more

  • How to Succeed as a Small Cell

    06/26/2015 04:59 am - There’s no denying it: is a phenomenon. Everybody is playing it. Everybody is discussing it! What seems like a straightforward game that requires no tactics, turns out to be quite the strategic masterpiece – in our opinions at least. Sure, yo...more

  • How to Survive in the Browser Game

    06/24/2015 04:55 am - Sure, is a simple and straightforward MMO. It is intuitive and doesn’t even require a tutorial to play. If you think that you can blindly play the browser game and still succeed in the long run, you are quite wrong. There are still several st...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: How to Succeed in Level 31 of the Big Wave Beach

    04/17/2015 02:25 am - Phew, finally a stage that is more doable in Big Wave Beach. Then again, anything would seem easy as pie after level 28 and level 30 of that same world. We are not sure yet, but this could also just be the calm before the storm, considering that the...more

  • Plants vs. Zombies 2: Defeat Level 30 of Big Wave Beach

    04/15/2015 11:14 am - Level 30 of the Big Wave Beach definitely falls under the “really hard” category, though it’s not quite as bad as level 28. If anything, this stage is somewhat more chaotic and requires quick thinking and reflexes, at least in the approach we took...more

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