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Tiny Island
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Tiny Island Description

Channel your inner pirate and show all other browser and mobile players that you are the superior swashbuckler! Conquer new islands, battle against rabid crocodiles and use dark magic to climb to the top of the official ranking in no time...


Arr, matey! Welcome aboard another browser game that will turn you into an adventurer and send you on a journey through different maps, dungeons and other dangerous places. Remember Shakes and Fidget? Well, Tiny Island was made by the same developers. That becomes apparent once you take a good look at the game’s basic mechanics and combat. There are a couple of new twists, however: This time around, the free-to-play title was made available for all Android and Apple mobile devices from the get-go. Apart from the usual fighting and loot acquiring, you also need to master match-3 puzzles in challenging missions all throughout the sunny islands that have become your home.

As a tip of the hat to the classic Monkey Island franchise, Tiny Island features several characters that must seem familiar if you have ever played one of the popular adventure games. The pirate selling you new equipment and other items to further advance your character looks an awful lot like a more sleazy version of Guybrush Threepwood whereas the Voodoo Lady offering potions and spells of dark magic also strikes a familiar chord. Don’t worry, though! Both merchants only have your best interest in mind and are trying to prepare you for the toughest of all battles in Tiny Island. Keep in mind that other players, too, can challenge you to a duel.

Explore unchartered waters and claim new islands as you play through different quests and make sure to never miss a treasure chest. Puzzle battles will keep you busy whether you are sitting at home in front of your computer or on the go, as Tiny Island is available as a browser and mobile game. Try to match as many coconuts, coins, skulls, or gems as possible to slay the monsters and creatures that live on the islands surrounding you. The bigger the combination, the better the rating!

Tiny Island Screenshots

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