Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online
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Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online Description

You have finally made it on the PGA Tour. Now is where the real work starts. You will be facing off against other players and trying to best their score while touring the best courses in the world...


Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is where you become the golfer, you are the big name and the pressure is on you. Teeing off against thousands of other players and playing the top courses are just a part of the in-depth experience that this golf simulation game has to offer.

After creating your account, you are taken to your Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online golfer's home page. This is where everything about you, your gear and news feeds are displayed. From this page you can jump directly into a game or make your golfer better by going to the swing trainer and purchasing lessons.

Cash is how you buy lessons and better your character. You can earn cash by playing a solo, multiplayer or joining a tournament. All of these of course are in the console version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour style which many players are already familiar. By participating in these events you get to experience the detailed graphics and colorful scenery that is also a part of the game.

Members have the option to purchase "points" which you can use to buy better equipment or special items that greatly improve your golfer. When you first create your Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online account, you are given 25 of these points for free. In addition to paying for new gear, you will also have to pay a "greens fee" which will allow you to play on the course. There are varying types of membership ranging from Free to Annual. Depending on the type of account you have the more points you will have available to you to spend.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online is also very detailed when it comes to the life of a golfer as well. There are live leaderboards where you can see the best players and their scores. You can receive sponsorships and thereby cash if you sponsor winning players. Just remember, you have to make the Cut to keep your sponsorship and get paid!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online Screenshots

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