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Tibia Description

This long-standing MMORPG takes players on tricky quests; head first into thrilling PvP combat, and on a challenging adventure through an in-depth game world...


Tibia is a client-based role-playing game, set in a medieval world which players explore as one of four character classes – knights, paladins, druids or sorcerers. Each of these character classes has defining characteristics, skills, fighting methods and preferred weaponry. The Sorcerers are a spiritual and magic class, relying on the power of spells to overcome enemies.

The Paladins are a noble class, using the power of the arrow as well as long-range combat to bring down their opponents. The Druids are a primal race, using sheer strength and brute force to smash those that stand in their way. Lastly, the Knights in the online role-playing game Tibia are a gallant and brave class, using intelligence, strength and the sword to defeat their enemies.

Once you have picked out your desired character class in the fantasy MMORPG Tibia, you can begin your adventure exploring dungeons, embarking on a variety of quests and uncovering the mystery behind the medieval world of Tibia. As your character defeats his opponents, completes quests and discovers more of the colorful game world, they will receive rewards, learn new skills and learn to master new weapons.

Tibia is a free-to-play MMORPG that runs through your browser, with the help of a game client. The online game also has a premium option, which unlocks new features, new skills, and new instances for players to discover. Wield the power of magic, discover an enormous game world, take on hundreds of monsters and dragons, and go down in Tibia history as a true legend.

by Kyle Hayth

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