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Throne Wars
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Throne Wars Description

Build an empire, recruit as many troops as you have room for, and rule this mobile app! That's usually the most efficient way to become a leader in strategy games these days, but here, the world is your oyster. Just watch out for hostile players...


Being an emperor or empress usually comes easy to experienced strategy fans. Good thing you don’t need an entire backlog of battle tactics to join this newbie-friendly MMORTS, eh? Just download the app for free via iTunes, the Google Play Store or the Windows Store and sign up an account to get started. A lengthy series of tutorial quests will guide you through everything you need to know about Throne Wars, ranging from unit production to resource collection. Want to know a little bit more about warfare and how alliances work? Then get in touch with other players and find out what they have to say about playing the free-to-play title.

In Throne Wars, you start out with only a handful of resources to your name. After collecting materials and finishing the first couple of quests, there’s much more for you to get done. Upgrade buildings, recruit new troops and put up the necessary defenses to keep hostile units at bay. The easiest way to climb up the official ranking and make a name for yourself in the free mobile game is to always stay on top of your wood, stone and iron supplies. Should you have too much of any of these resources, consider trading with other players or helping out friends. This is a multiplayer game, after all. Why not lend a helping hand when you can? Just be careful not to trust everyone you come across while playing Throne Wars. You wouldn’t want to turn your kingdom into a practice target for others just by being nice, would you?

The first city you set foot into will always be your main camp. Once you have established a healthy economy and get things rolling, you can start to look for other villages that might be worth conquering. With Throne Wars, publisher flaregames (Royal Revolt 2) is giving you a free mobile app that lets you explore the medieval way of living, challenge other players in real-time strategy battles, and build an empire that would make even today’s political leaders turn green with envy.

Throne Wars Screenshots

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