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Throne of Fire
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Throne of Fire Description

As a courageous and fearless hero, along with your fiercely loyal and highly trained dragon, you must take on the forces of evil in this mythical dominion...


Step into the mythological world of Throne of Fire, where fire-breathing dragons roam the dark skies, and heroes and enemies battles it out to carry out the ultimate challenge of ascending the throne and ruling the empire.

Tame your very own dragon, and travel through the dark medieval world of Throne of Fire, engaging in individual or group fights with terrifying and evil dragons, as well as enemy players. As a Warrior, Mage, Warlock, Paladin or Priest, join and expand your guild to take on impressive dragons. To be successful in these fights, it is crucial you build a fellowship with other players, to improve your overall might and increase your chances of raising claim to the throne of this mysterious fantasy empire.

In Throne of Fire, you are given an array of dangerous quests and missions to complete. One such quest includes building towering medieval castles with your fellow players in order to protect and guard yourself from the ghastly monster enemies. Cooperation with other players is crucial for victory in Throne of Fire, both to attack and defence. You cannot face these infernal dragons alone.

Throne of Fire is a strategic turn-based MMOG, with impressive flash player graphics and intricately detailed widescreen landscapes. There is never a lack of variety when it comes to the fights, with the ability to purchase items to improve your warrior and fighting skills.
So delve into the medieval world of courageous knights, damsels and dangerous fiery dragons and prepare to battle it out with the help of your own loyal dragon, powerful weaponry and your guild in the fight for reign over this expansive empire.

by Kyle Hayth

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