Throne: Kingdom at War
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Throne: Kingdom at War
What to expect:
  • Free online play
  • Fight online strategic battles
  • Navigate a dangerous political landscape
  • Become the King
  • Browser Games
  • PvP
  • PvE
  • iOS
  • Strategy
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Play Throne: Kingdom at War

Throne: Kingdom at War is a free to play MMORTS for mobile devices and PC that places you in the role of a lord with a rightful claim to the throne.


Now, you must be prepared to face down all challengers, on and off the battlefield, if you ever hope to become king.

Between you and the throne lies myriad obstacles and enemies. Some of them will be met with sword and shield, and others with diplomacy and wisdom. Your enemies – and some of your friends – want to sit upon the throne as well, and they will go to great lengths to do so. How far are you willing to go?

To Ensure Peace, Prepare For War

The people of the kingdom yearn for peace. War has drug on and on, and the whole of the land tires of it. It seems, however, that the road to peace has many turns and potholes, and that means further bloodshed, more battles. To prove yourself worthy to rule you must be prepared to lead in peace and in war. Assemble your forces and lead them into battle; your warriors are willing and your enemies are plentiful. Cut them from your path!

Intrigue And Diplomacy

Some of the most deadly foes you must face shall be met not with weapons, but with words. Cunning enemies and shred friends alike have woven a web of intrigue and deception, and you must brave that web, and the venomous fangs therein. Be wary; the sharpest of daggers is the one that you never see coming.

To Claim A Kingdom

You have a rightful claim to the throne, but a claim alone is not enough. You must prove, through word and deed that you are ready and able to rule. You must be prepared to face down all challengers, on and off the fields of battle. And you must realize that your enemies will stop at nothing to claim the throne for themselves. You were born a lord; to become a king, you must be prepared to fight!

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