Three Kingdoms Online
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Three Kingdoms Online
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Three Kingdoms Online Description

This massively multiplayer online strategy game takes you far back in time to the era of the three kingdoms in Ancient China. Join the epic war and re-shape the course of history...


Three Kingdoms Online is a browser-based strategy game, set in the mysterious Han Dynasty era in Ancient China. The free-to-play RTS doesn't require any downloads, allowing you to access the game at any time from any place. You're at a friend's house but want to delve into Ancient China? All you have to do is log into your account! In Three Kingdoms Online you choose your race, embark on dangerous yet rewarding quests and form a guild to roam the ancient land. In addition to these challenges, you will encounter a plethora of enemies which will constantly attempt to cross your path. Simply overthrow them in intense PvP battles.

In the real time strategy game, you begin by choosing one of three powerful clans to follow, namely Wei, Shu, and Wu. Once you confirm where your loyalties lie, you start the construction of your very own settlement, as well as the development of an overpowering army to take down your adversaries. Create an avatar and choose a name for your lord. Don't forget to also select the kingdom and state in which you will be based.

You may spot one of the infamous heroes of the Han Dynasty era in the various battles and showdowns in Three Kingdoms Online. Fight alongside the famous Cao Cao, Lu Bu and Guan Yu heroes. There are various elements of combat in this browser-based strategy game, including grand melee combats, skirmishes and quests. Each will provide you with new challenges, as well as the chance to reap rewards and experience points.

In Three Kingdoms Online, you can participate in adventurous faction quests, which may include delivering food to NPCs, escorting important characters out of danger, or hunting various enemies and opponents.
Become the ultimate emperor of Ancient China as you fight against your hostile adversaries and expand your modest settlement into an almighty empire.

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