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This Means War
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This Means War Description

In a world where justice is served with the help of assault rifles and tanks, you will have to fight extra hard to keep enemies at bay. Download this strategy gaming app to join the battle and find out what it's like to be in the middle of a mobile war...


Putting together a military force takes patience, resources, and the right strategy. This Means War is a mobile game that puts you in the shoes of a legendary war commander, ready to charge into battle and play with or against other online gamers. You won’t start out with a massive base to your name, however. Step by step, you will expand your territory, set up new structures, and train recruits to become valiant soldiers.

Over a dozen different units are available to you in this free-to-play title, each with their very own upgrades. Boosting their attributes will cost you precious resources which have become scarce in this day and age. Set up production sites to secure a steady income of supplies and red mercury. When the time is right, you will also be able to benefit from another source, namely other players. Yep, player-versus-player battles are where it’s at in This Means War!

Winning a fight in this free gaming app requires you to invest into two different things: offense and defense. While it is essential to train units so that they can give it their best when in combat, making sure your base is safe from incoming attacks is just as important. You wouldn’t want just any other player to storm into your fortress and take what is rightfully yours, would you? In This Means War, you can set up sturdy walls and explosive mines to keep out whoever doesn’t belong in your territory. Bunkers and warehouses will help you stash away valuable resources in case of a breach.

This Means War is available on iOS devices such as smartphones and tablets. Because this strategy game requires a stable internet connection to play, chances are you will often engage with other players while trying to beat out the competition. Challenge your friends to duels of death in base-on-base battles and take part in tournaments that will settle the score once and for all.

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