Thirty Kingdoms
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Thirty Kingdoms
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Thirty Kingdoms Description

Rule an empire and explore a medieval world in Thirty Kingdoms. Battle against invasion, lead your army to war, and fight for the survival!


Thirty Kingdoms is a casual MMORTS where you can build an entire empire out of nothing but sweat and determination (and maybe a few logs and cement). Construct anything from wooden huts to stone palaces to give both your peasants and your kingdom's elite a home to live in. Collect resources by setting up production sites and accomplishing quests, and make alliances on your journey to becoming the ultimate emperor. Explore a huge map made up of hundreds of individual provinces that are owned by other players online.

Take a seat upon your throne and wage a war with nearby kingdoms to gain more resources, get richer land, and find more gold. Use your winnings to grow your settlement and increase the morale of its people. As you develop your land, more buildings and new citizens will inhabit your towns, increasing the value of your empire, but also making it more vulnerable to attacks. Make sure your cities are guarded by strong fortress walls and powerful soldiers. Train troops of warriors to protect your kingdom and defend your honor. Similar to other strategy games, such as Sparta: War of Empires and Tribal Wars 2, mass invasions and multiplayer battles will be part of your daily business.

It is important to keep your people happy in this strategy game. Their morale will be low if there are not enough resources in your towns to keep them satisfied. If you win a battle, then their morale will increase and your town will become more functional. The same goes for your military: An army with high spirits will do better in battle than troops with low morale.

This free-to-play browser game allows you to check the news feed for updates about what is going on in your local area. Here, you can check how other Thirty Kingdoms players are doing and how they are expanding their cities. This gives you important hints with regards to other players' strategies, how quickly they are growing, and where they might move their armies to next.

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