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Therian Saga
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Therian Saga Description

Artisans, rejoice! This browser game highly values those who want to take up new tradeskills and use every little bit of loot to their advantage. Craft legendary weapons that will strike down even the most resilient of monsters in this fantasy world...


Some players think of their characters as an alter ego, some perceive them as close friends that they have known for a very long time. Either way, logging in to send your hero on a new journey through fantasy realms is not always possible and that’s why in Therian Saga, you can give them a list of things to do. They will then fulfill these tasks even when you are busy living the real life - and when you come home from work or school, new rewards will be waiting for you in this browser-based game. Turning your apprentice into a legendary hero is not as easy as it sounds, though. You will have to beat strange creatures and fight off one opponent after the next to climb the official ranks.

Being a fearless warrior in Therian Saga is not just about slaying dragons and saving innocent townsfolk from impending doom. True heroes also know how to craft their own equipment and use their surroundings to make items strong enough to win entire battles. Others might just see trees, but you see wood, wood that can be cut and turned into furniture, shields or dull weapons. Everything you come across in this free-to-play online RPG is a valuable resource of some sorts - whether that’s leather, gemstones or shiny metals. With a little bit of extra effort you will also be able to breed your own farm animals and tame ferocious beasts to become your companions.

Those of you seeking the thrill of adventure can explore new territory and visit islands not many heroes have seen before. Various dungeons await you in the browser game that goes by the name of Therian Saga: Just take Garrun’gol or the Ratkin’s Burrow for instance. Here, you will stand eye to eye with man-sized cockroaches and rodents or even have to challenge ogres to a duel of death. Once you complete all available quests and safely return home, you can set up camp wherever you like. Your humble abode will give you sanctuary in times of need and allow you to safely store materials that are too big to carry around with you.

Therian Saga Screenshots

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Therian Saga Videos

  • Therian Saga: Luscious Trailer Introduces RPG

    01/15/2015 08:06 am - Studio Vyrtis has just re-released the browser based RPG called Therian Saga by partnering with Gameforge. To celebrate the free-to-play game's launch, the publisher has also released a new trailer that gives us a nice impression of the title....more

Therian Saga News

  • Therian Saga: Free Browser Based RPG Re-Launches

    01/15/2015 07:51 am - The guys and girls over at Gameforge (Aion, Elsword) have partnered up with Studio Virtys to re-release the browser based RPG called Therian Saga. The fantastical RPG is available for anyone who has a working internet connection and a functioning bro...more

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