theHunter: Update Brings New Game and Hunting Areas

05/02/2011 04:20 am in News

Recently the online hunting game theHunter got updated with a nice big patch that introduced Redfeather Falls and the black bear. This comes with a new trophy shot feature and revamped missions that will keep your hunting skills sharp.


Expansive Worlds, publishers of the free-to-play hunting game theHunter, have added to their already expansive hunting world with the opening of the British Columbia zone, Redfeather Falls. In addition to the new area is the new Trophy Shots.

Want to show off your skills to other theHunter players around the world? The new Trophy Shot lets you do just that. You can take a picture and immediately upload it via the website and show everyone just how good you are. Maybe you’ll even get the new black bear in one of those pictures.

The black bear may prove to be quite the quarry when playing theHunter. It has an incredibly keen sense of smell, so make sure to stay downwind of it. Who knows, maybe you will have to track one down as part of the new mission system.

Source: Game homepage
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