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theHunter Description

Load your rifle and stealthily make your way across the Evergreen Hunting Reserves, scanning the grassy knoll for the scrabble of a turkey or flash of a Mule Deer, and get ready to take aim...


The hunting game theHunter takes you into a realistic world in which you hunt various wild animals, from elusive deer to rough wild bore and cheeky coyotes. Equipped with a precise rifle and unlimited ammunition, camouflage yourself in the lifelike surroundings and seek your prey.

Based on the lush environment of Scandinavia, Central Europe, North America, and Australia, the landscape has full varying daytime cycles, as well as dramatic weather changes including rain, fog, wind and sunshine. Use the natural environment to stalk your game by hiding behind authentic-feeling rock boulders, crouching in the long marshes or concealing yourself behind impressive trees.

Create and personalize your very own hunting character from a large selection of avatar pictures, and interact with other NPCs in the game. Go to the renowned Colton Locke to be assigned unique hunting missions. Each mission that is successfully accomplished unlocks a whole barrage of further hunting missions.

TheHunter has a unique expansive social networking system, where you have the opportunity to connect with and share hunting anecdotes with other hunters, and update and personalize your very own hunting profile.

Your profile enables you to track your progress as a hunter right from the start, including statistics about how many animals you’ve hunted, miles you’ve covered, as well as every shot you’ve fired. Gain new skills and practice your target throughout game play, and strive for the top of the leaderboard – even the chance to be crowned with exciting prizes.

The sniper game has been developed and published by Swedish company Avalanche Studios and is free-to-play, with the option to upgrade to a premium membership. The premium membership gives you access to more animals, rifles and hunting ranges.

Fire up your in-game GPS, load the barrels of your rifle and prepare to stalk the marshes and seek your prey in a hunting world like no other.

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