The Witcher: Versus
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The Witcher: Versus
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The Witcher: Versus Description

With stunning battle techniques you fight against your enemies. Most of all, however, it is simply fate that determines victory or defeat. Develop your skills to increase your chances...


In the online game The Witcher: Versus that is based on short stories and novels of a popular polish author, you fight your way through a dangerous and mystical virtual world. You slip into the role of a Witcher, a Sorceress or a Frightener and plunge into the game with only sparse equipment. You enter the arena to battle with enemy players.

If you choose to become a Witcher, you take on the role of the novel’s protagonist named Geralt of Riva. You are very gifted with the sword. If you settle for the role as Sorceress, following the example of the novel’s character Miss Merigold, then you brew potions of all kinds and use them as weapon against your enemies. The downside is that you can’t cure yourself with your potions since you react allergic to all sorts of magic. If you decide to take on the role of a Frightener of a monster that has been bred and trained for one thing only: battle. You possess great physical and mystic skills that come in handy when you face your opponents.

In the online game The Witcher: Versus you challenge other players and put together a sequence af attacks and defence you want to use in the duel. Your opponents chooses a sequenz as well - and already you’re both ready for battle. Each victorious fight is rewarded with experience points, orens and ranking points. As you can see, tactical skill is quite important in The Witcher: Versus.

by Kyle Hayth

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