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The West
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The West Description

In this game it is your task to conquer the Wild West as a cowboy or Indian and settle in the harsh desert. Now it is up to you to prove that you can do it...


Cowboys and Indians - they have their own special charm. The colonialization of the New World was a challenging and dangerous venture. It was a tough time for the settlers, as it was also for the native Indians. In The West, you can take part in the prairie colonialization in the Midwest.

In The West, you choose one of the four character classes. Each has its own advantages. At the beginning you are a greenhorn who has no idea how things work in the New World. You can customize your character during the course of the game. It can specialize in certain skills in which it particularly excels. For certain tasks you need certain skills.

The quests are important because they earn you money and promote your character education. At the beginning, you will probably have to tend sheep. That’s your first job. Of course, not everything in the New World is love, peace and harmony. It’s possible that you have to face other players in duels. If you need to resolve a disagreement with another cowboy, a duel at high noon is probably the best way to do it. But be careful: Duels might cost you hit points. Do not dare stronger players- at least not too much stronger players.

After duels, you need to relax yourself. Without rest you will not make it far because life in the new world is hard.
For your protection and to avoid being economically dependent on different jobs, you might want to join a city or found one yourself. In a city many players gather and organize their lives. There are banks, hotels and a shop. In the shop you can restock your inventory and get better equipment.

The West is a great browser simulation. It requires no installation and contains several worlds. Thousands of players have already registered and started their lives in the New World. Not all have survived. But you can do it - if you're tough enough.

by Kyle Hayth

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