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The Silent Age
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The Silent Age Description

Welcome to the 1970s. Flower power, bell-bottom pants, and wars. This decade was as colorful and relaxed as it was dark and tense. Follow Joe, the protagonist of this app, on his journey to save the world from a catastrophe in the future...


If you are looking for a game whose presentation and artistic direction perfectly reflects its thematic focus, you should take a closer look at The Silent Age. Set in the paradoxical decade of the 1970s, this mobile game will transport you on a journey through time. Not only are its plot and content based in this era, but the entire look of the app reflects this iconic time in history. But let us not get ahead of ourselves.

The year is 1972. You find yourself in this era that is so often romanticized by mainstream media. Flower power, funky music, disco balls, and bell-bottom pants. Flower prints, colors, drugs, and rock’n’roll. Many people are quick to create an image of this era that is pretty one-sided. In reality, this decade's imagery stood in stark contrast to its world politics. Its flower power movement and colorful visuals were a mirror of and reaction towards the Cold War and the political conflicts that dominated the time. The protagonist of The Silent Age lives in this day and age. His name is Joe which couldn’t be more appropriate of his regular life and his mediocre personality. He is average in every single definition of the word. This makes it all the more surprising that he of all people finds himself in the midst of a quest to save the world from its dark future.

In the mobile game, you will take control of Joe, the surprise hero of this adventure. While tending to his duties as a janitor, Joe encounters an old, dying man who gives him a device with which he can travel through time. His quest? Save the world from a mysterious tragedy that will eliminate humankind.

In a point-and-click adventure style game (think of Valiant Hearts: The Great War), you will walk through various locations and solve all kind of riddles. Each completed task brings you one step further to solving the mystery of the future. With your device, you will hop back and forth between the year 1972 and 2013 to save the world.

The mobile game is free-to-play and available for iOS and Android devices.

The Silent Age Screenshots

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