The Seventh Dragon
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The Seventh Dragon
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The Seventh Dragon Description

The continent of Asan is torn by worn as six mighty empires vie for control of the land. You must lead your people to glory and prevent the destruction of the world by the demons...


The Seventh Dragon is a free-to-play strategy browser game that charges you with creating a mighty castle from a humble building. Through construction and upgrades, you can create a kingdom that can recruit troops, feed your population and support your hero.

For your castle to flourish, you will need to collect resources in order to build a store of them. All of the buildings and units in The Seventh Dragon require resources to produce. As you build a stockpile of resources, you will begin constructing buildings in the building areas. These structures will allow you to research, upgrade and produce units.

Your hero will lead your troops to battle in The Seventh Dragon. You can assign the troops that you have recruited to your hero and thereby strengthen the power of your hero. By gaining experience, you can level your hero and make them even more powerful by adding to their abilities.

The Seventh Dragon features a variety of foes for you to face off against. Not only can you face off against other players, but there are Demon Castles, Hills, Mountains and Swamps all filled with creatures that threaten your life. If you travel to these areas and defeat the monsters that lie within, you also have the chance of getting special items.

Finding rare items in The Seventh Dragon can be very beneficial. You can equip these items to your hero to massively improve their combat abilities. Perhaps you find a valuable gem that you can sell or use to even further your great kingdom.

Fight back the evil that creeps across the land in The Seventh Dragon. Develop your castle to be a mighty bastion of hope and use your hero to lead your troops to victory. Travel to Demon Castles or into the hills to find enemies and be rewarded with treasures that will greatly improve your chances on the continent torn by war.

by Kyle Hayth

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