The Settlers Online: Earn Loads of Gold Coins

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The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online

Upon reaching the higher levels, gold coins become a precious commodity. The development and upgrades for buildings start to really cost a lot of money and even gold coins are important for trade. Where to get gold coins without stealing them? This tip lays out some of the better ways for you to get money – the honest way – in The Settlers Online. Soon, you could be swimming in cash like Scrooge McDuck. Which one of these ways you choose may mean you ask your friends for help or improve your skills… regardless, you should be ready to invest a good amount of time.

Simply Create More Gold

One good way to earn gold coins is to improve your own gold production. It is very important to remember that every building from the mine to the smelter and all the way to the mint, they should always be buffed. Even if it doesn’t look like it at the beginning, if you develop and buff your gold production diligently, you will soon have much more gold than before.

Gold through Trade

Another good way to earn money is by trading. If you can make clever trades, you can make some good profits. The market in The Settlers Online is always going up and down. By paying attention to it carefully, you will be able to recognize what goods are worth more or less on any given day. Compare offers in chat, in the forum and on the trading market… there are often major differences. Even with event items, which are always harder to come by, it is usually worth it to make a trade. The name of the game - buy cheap and sell your wares for gold coins later when the price rises.

Short on Time and Cash

Don’t have a lot of time on your hands to watch the market or really take time building up your gold production? The sell your stuff! If you have lots of extra items lying around – sell them on the market in bulk for a slightly lower price. Weapons, Bread and Drinks are necessarily in high demand if you aren’t sending your troops on adventures. Even buffs can be sold, too!

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