The Settlers Online: Use Blocks and Locks to Your Advantage

11/13/2012 10:03 am by Kyle Hayth in Tips & TricksBrowser GamesUbisoft

The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online

The battle system in The Settlers Online offers you different ways in which you can speed up your adventures and complete the mission faster. Alongside various tactics such as letting your general sneak by enemy camps, you also have the chance to block bandit camps or even lock out your enemies completely.

Because enemies camps can only be taken over one at a time, sometimes you need to be able to keep strong enemies busy with just one of your recruits. A normal general, who can be found at the tavern and fight longer than the golden “premium” generals, servers as a sort of distraction that will allow your main force to move through the area without being harassed. The exact amount of time it takes is very important because the army can only move through the area when the “block” battle is happening. Make sure to have your troops out of enemy territory by time the general is done fighting!
Likewise, you can use the “lock” technique in a similar fashion. This tactic will have you locking up your opponents in battle until the boss enemy has been defeated. Once he has fallen, all other camps in the sector will disappear and the fights that are still going on will be automatically ended without you suffering any losses. Again, timing is a key factor but if you do it correctly, you will only suffer the losses incurred at the boss’s camp. Because this can also take some time, we recommend choosing a normal general once again. That way, you have as many rounds as possible to finish the lock battle and increase the chances of victory. If you don’t manage to complete it all within the right amount of time, you could lose everything you worked for – so make sure to get that general.

These tactics may not be the best if you are just starting your glorious campaign of conquest in The Settlers Online, but with time and practice you can soon become a master tactician and expertly deal with bosses and enemies.

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