The Settlers Online: Guild Quests Explained and Helpful Info

08/22/2012 21:12 pm by Kyle Hayth in Tips & TricksBrowser GamesUbisoft

There have been quite a few questions regarding guild quests and some of the finer points may not have been clear since this new feature has been introduced to the free-to-play, browser-based strategy game, The Settlers Online. The team of developers has summed up some of the most important questions and answers for you, as well as some more info.

Guild Size Is Important

One of the main goals of the Guild Quest feature in The Settlers Online is to encourage guild growth and to strengthen the guilds themselves. This gives players a reason to found larger guilds. Apparently, the team has already seen a positive trend among guilds and the member limit might be changed but not before September.

Rewards for the Quests

There have been some complaints about the rewards for the guild quests being not enough for the amount of resources that have to be invested. The Guild Quest feature is, in fact, one of the first features that rewards with XPs. The reason it may seem low is because the team wanted to prevent a negative influence of the guild quest on the global balance of the entire game.

XP Were Rare and XP Will Stay Rare

In the coming weeks, there is going to be more opportunities to earn XPs, by participating in economic adventures, new quest chains and all main quests will grant XPs. Guild quests are designed to fit into this entire game system and therefore the rewards must be balanced.

Some Quests Are Too Hard?

It is encouraged for guild members to support one another with resources. That is the purpose of a guild. Helping means sharing resources via trade to give a member the opportunity to complete a quest, not just sending resources to one player. This is called “pushing” and it is not allowed. There are no impossible quests; there are only quests that require teamwork.
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