The Settlers Online: Launch Date for Excelsior Update + New Details

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The Settlers Online

The Settlers Online

Back in July, the developers over at Blue Byte announced the expansive Excelsior update for their free-to-play browser game The Settlers Online. Finally, the actual release is coming closer. According to a recent dev diary, the new content is supposed to go live on September 21st – at least in some European countries. The American forum shared no specific release date.

The add-on is named after the airship that is soon going to arrive on all players’ islands. It brings all of the new features to The Settlers Online, including the Forge of Truth. It allows players to create text parts to translate ancient and recent texts. There are letters, travel guides, and fairytale books. The reward that players get for translating a text depends on the text type. Fairytale Books reward them with a campaign consisting of various quests. Players should keep in mind though that they cannot influence what the Forge generates. While it will not always be a text fragment, it will always be some kind of special reward.

Introducing the Forge of Truth in The Settlers Online.

A very important change coming to The Settlers Online in the Excelsior Update are the new Crystals. There’s no need to worry, as they are not another premium currency. Crystals can be earned in various ways. Starting at level 21, players will receive them as a daily login bonus. They will also be rewarded for completing daily quests in the strategy game. In the in-game shop, players can also trade gems for them.

The patch also brings a new building to The Settlers Online. The Epic Farmyard will be rewarded to players who complete the entire campaign called “The Evil Queen”. Additional productions (blueprints) will be unlocked on subsequent playthroughs.

Source: Official game homepage

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