The Settlers Online: Free Premium with Easter Event Bonus Codes

03/19/2015 05:57 am by Anna Radak in NewsBrowser GamesStrategy

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Year in, year out, Ubisoft and Blue Byte team up to bring fun little events to their browser games, one of them being The Settlers Online. As previously mentioned, Easter is on its way in the strategy online game, and over the next weeks, players will be able to collect Stripy Easter Eggs as a main resource, unlock special awards and construct a massive achievement building. The bigger the effort, the higher the payoff once The Settlers Easter event ends on April 7th! What settlers have to do in order to score points is hunt for eggs by going on adventures, exploring their surroundings or facing expeditions. There’s also an exclusive quest chain that offer Stripy Easter Eggs as prizes.

Bunnies and eggs in The Settlers Online.

Players won't have to go through the event on their own, however, as we have prepared an exclusive The Settlers Online giveaway for you. Both newbies and veteran settlers alike will receive the Scenario bonus package upon clicking the green "Play The Settlers Online Now" button below or to the right once they log back into their account or create a new one. This little premium boost includes the following:

  • The "Twins" Scenario Adventure (worth 595 Gems)
  • Two Chocolate Rabbit Productivity Buffs (worth 250 Gems)

Turning your village into an impressive medieval online kingdom will be easier now that the developers have also sent out a compensation gift to all players that had to endure the delay of the official Easter event. These rewards have been sent out automatically.

Click the button below to receive your The Settlers Online gift today!

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