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The Settlers Online
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The Settlers Online Description

Together with your hard-working settlers you build up a thriving village. It takes military finesse and strategic skill to be able to expand and create a mighty empire...


The Settlers Online: Castle Empire is the free-to-play browser-based version of the popular PC game series of the same name by Ubisoft. The massively multiplayer online game (MMO) combines all of the important aspects of the the franchise.

In The Settlers Online you start with a small settlement which is completely undeveloped and uninhabited. By constructing a variety of different buildings, you slowly turn your modest village into a thriving city. Build more houses and expand your town to allow more settlers to move to your medieval settlement.

In order to make your citizens happy, you should build as many different buildings as possible and create working production chains to ensure an endless stock of resources. There is also the possibility of expanding your empire by attacking other players with military force, and claiming their resources and land as your own.

You shoudl form alliances with other players to guard yourself against inimical attacks. This will also benefit you in terms of trade. You will have a better chance of flanking settlements and conquering more and more territories. In The Settlers Online, it is very important to continuously expand and claim more land as your own.

There are a host of different quests for you to solve in the real time strategy game. If you succeed in solving a quest, you are rewarded with honor, fame,and precious items. You can also solve quests with your allies to improve your chances of success. Your guild will support you whenever you need help and you have the opportunity to give each other little gifts. Time never stands still in the browser game. Even when you're not online, your settlers remain on duty and keep working. This means that you will always have something to look forward to when logging back into the game.

In the strategy game The Settlers Online you explore a fascinating virtual world together with thousands of other players.

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