The Secret Society
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The Secret Society
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The Secret Society Description

The mysterious Order of Seekers needs your help! Your Uncle Richard has gone missing and you will have to help them find him. You need to find hidden objects in more than 22 locations all over the world to solve the mystery…


Have you always loved hidden object games like Where’s Waldo? in which you have to find specific objects that are hidden in an image overloaded with details? These images have the ability to lock you onto them for hours at a time, until you finally make the much-awaited discovery. Unfortunately, these images only work once, since it’s no fun to look for the same hidden objects in the same picture twice. What if you could play a game in which the quests constantly change, the hidden objects get more difficult to find, and the same image can always challenge you in new ways? Have we sparked your interest? Come closer and join the mysterious Order of Seekers in this mobile game.

The Secret Society is a fun, casual game developed by G5 Entertainment. The free-to-play title brings the concept of hidden object games to your iOS or Android device. It makes perfect use of your smartphone’s or tablet’s touchscreen and transports the game concept itself into the 21st century. The same image will never be repetitive and constantly offer new challenges.

The Secret Society features more than 1,500 quests that will challenge you for weeks and months. Most quests range somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes which is perfect for a casual gaming experience in between. Obviously, the mobile game features more than just one image - more than 22 unique locations, to be quite precise. Search the witch’s hut or the Buddhist temple. Each image features a set of items that you can search for. All in all, the casual game has more than 225 collections of hidden objects.

Successfully completing a quest will reward you with experience points that help you level up. Find certain hidden objects to unlock new images. Each image has to be unlocked in a fun mini-game. Playing stages requires energy points which you collect over time or by successfully finishing a stage.

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