The Repopulation
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The Repopulation
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The Repopulation Description

In this client-based online game, no one can be trusted. Make your way through abandoned cities and look for other survivors that might be willing to join your nation. The free-to-play RPG is a sandbox game and truly has too many features to list.


Most MMORPGs these days feature similar gameplay mechanics. While developers try to set themselves apart by adding innovative elements, most titles still end up being your run-of-the-mill roleplaying game. The Repopulation claims to be different and plans to revolutionize the free-to-play market by being one of the biggest sandbox titles to come out in years. From combat to crafting: Almost every aspect of the game can be customized to your liking and made to fit your preferred play style. Even player-versus-players combat promises to be different, according to Above and Beyond Technologies.

Here’s the main plot for The Repopulation: Most life forms have become extinct. The only ones left are us - human beings. Instead of living in harmony and sharing the planet’s resources, the human race has split up into different nations. The world of Rhyldan is at war and you will have to build up a certain reputation before calling a city your home. Players decide which population they'd like to see grow by gathering resources and adding structures to increase infrastructure.

When you first create your character, all skills will be set to Unskilled. It’s up to you to pick the ones you find the most rewarding and use them, as that’s the only way to increase them. All talents fall under a certain category. While Animal Handling, First Aid and Entertainment are seen as beneficial skills, Swimming and Thievery count as being general skills. Each and every weapon available in this free-to-play MMORPG has its own skill tree as well. Threaten your opponents with a shotgun or let your fists do the talking - the choice is entirely up to you.

If you happen to play with your friends, make sure to adjust your abilities to their specialization. That'll give your team the upper hand in both PvE and PvP battles and make sure you are able to counteract every type of attack. According to the official website, The Repopulation features two distinct combat systems. Choosing the Roleplaying Game mode will give you individual actions bars and show cooldown timers, whereas the Action Mode will make it look like you’re playing a first-person-shooter. And that's only the beginning of what this sandbox title has to offer...

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