The Rats Online
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The Rats Online
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The Rats Online Description

Many people don’t like them, but in this mobile game, they are not all that bad. Learn to love these little rodents, as you go on many adventures with them. Don’t forget to feed them every once in a while as they might go hungry otherwise…


Rats are part of every major city. Since the plague, these little rodents have been associated with disease, death, and other negative attributes. It is no wonder that many people quite dislike these furry little creatures. It even goes so far that some people are actually afraid of them. Well, let us reintroduce you to rats in this fun mobile game. You will soon learn that they are not all that bad when they follow your every command and look up to you!

In The Rats Online, you are the leader of your very own pack of rats - but not just any pack! Your group of cheese-craving friends wants to climb up the ladder of city rodents. You will get them there in a mix of action, strategy, and Tamagotchi gameplay elements. Naturally, there are quite a number of difficult riddles to solve and obstacles to overcome in the sewers of the city. Help your rats solve any puzzle they come across. It goes without saying that you won't be able to think on an empty stomach. Feed your rats and make sure that they are happy in every way possible to guarantee that they do as you wish. The more you care for your rats and train them, the higher they will level up, giving you quite the advantages on your journey through the underground.

All rats have certain skills and abilities in The Rats Online. Train them wisely to make the most of their talents. Make sure to choose the right rats to make it through the maze and steal the cheese. Your main tasks will always require stealing, poisoning, or fighting.

If you ever reach a spot that is too challenging to solve on your own, ask for some help from some friends. The Rats Online allows you to play with or against your friends and other players online.

The fun mix of strategy and action game is available in the browser of your choice or for free for your Android and iOS devices.