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The Pimps
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The Pimps Description

Take on the role of a tough gangster. If you do all the jobs you have, you can rise quickly in the rankings. Then you let others do the dirty work for you...


In The Pimps, you start your very own gangster career. The massively multiplayer role playing game shows you how to get to the top.

The key word for your career at The Pimps is: power. With power you can make your way from being a small dealer at the corner to the top and end up as large importer and distributor of fine dope. Along with dealing drugs, you make your way to the top by joining with various other businesses that promise high returns.

In The Pimps you start out as a small dealer on a street corner. Here you have to prove your business shrewdness and gain some loyal helpers who do not mind performing slightly dirtier work. If you do everything right and work hard to make a good impression on your bosses, the time to rise can come.

After a while, you should have worked your way up in the hierarchy and have others working for you. But be careful never to lose the respect that you have worked hard to gain. Being feared and respected is the only way for you to make it into the highest ranking – that is where the cash is. You should never lose sight of your objective: to become the most powerful gangsta in your city.

The way up is difficult and requires constant work on your character. You not only need to pimp your abilities by completing jobs, but also improve your equipment: your car, your gun and your clothes. The wrong equipment can cost you a lot of respect, which quickly reduces your power.

The Pimps is a browser game playable for free in the basic version. Thousands of players have already become gangstas, have recruited hooker girls, and created weed plantations to meet local needs. Graphically, the game is well implemented. The strategic resources are somewhat limited, but the game play of The Pimps is kind of exciting.

by Kyle Hayth

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