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The Pentacore
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The Pentacore Description

Experience a wonderful, 3D world full of fantasy and magical battles. Fight against legendary creatures, become a spy or produce powerful weapons. As a witch, you decide which path you want to follow.


The Pentacore is a strategy MMOG with many role-playing elements and tactical options. Build up your castle as you wish and improve your magical skill as you continue with the game.

With the help of crystals you change supernatural energy into new kinds of resources. The resulting energies can be used in different situations. As a Jeweler in The Pentacore you need more mental energy while as a Weapon master, physical energy is more important to you. You can choose between four different guilds. Create armies to battle against giant monsters at the so-called Poles. Or, become an artifact merchant who masters the economic system in The Pentacore.

Unite with several other sorcerers to form a social union. That way you discover a very special feature of The Pentacore: as an interactive part of a community you help create the world and at the same time you join social networks. Together with other gamers, you can construct more buildings for the union. Just don’t forget to secure your position within the group. Make sure you stay on top of things; otherwise you’ll soon be overrun by other ambitious members of the community.

In The Pentacore, you have the opportunity to lead skeletons and Cyclops in battle against other sorcerers. Collect energy for more destructive spells and fight successfully against your opponents. There’s a lot to do in The Pentacore.

by Kyle Hayth

The Pentacore Screenshots

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