The Patrician Online
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The Patrician Online
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The Patrician Online Description

As a successful trader you most certainly have successful production and supply chains. Secure deals with other players and sell your goods to start building your own trading empire...


The cut-throat world of trading and markets is all yours in the free-to-play browser game, The Patrician Online. In this free-to-play browser game, you have the chance to become a part of the great trading markets of Europe. The Patrician Online is also based upon the popular PC game known as The Patrician and opens up the world of trading and finance in Medieval Europe to everyone.

You will begin your role as a salesman as a seemingly unknown in The Patrician Online and you must build up your relationships with the noble and rich. Connections are everything in the world of business and in Medieval Europe, nothing is different.

Once you have made acquaintances or even friends, you can begin building up your own production and supply chain. Focus on creating and shipping goods that people want or need and you most certainly begin moving up in the trading world.

With successful connections and powerful trading allies, in The Patrician Online you can quickly become very powerful. Expand your trading empire to all over Europe and enjoy the luxuries that come along with such wealth.

Of course, in The Patrician Online, you will even be able to have an influence on politics as well. Politicians listen to powerful businessmen, so perhaps you can become one of them? If so, you will have a chance to give you have your own say in the votes of the noblemen.

Play your cards right and rise to the top in The Patrician Online. You will have to make connections with powerful people and wisely distribute your goods in order to make money, but once you do, all of Europe can be yours.

by Kyle Hayth

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