The Mummy Online
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The Mummy Online
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The Mummy Online Description

In this thrilling free-to-play adventure game, you are able to experience all the action and adventure of the popular Mummy film series, and can even fight alongside all your favorite characters...


The Mummy Online is an action-packed 3D role-playing game set in the vast sandy plains of Egypt in the first half of the twentieth century. The free-to-play action MMOG takes players to familiar environments taken directly from the popular The Mummy film franchise, produced by Universal Studios. In The Mummy Online you have the chance to adopt various exciting roles and embark on thrill-seeking adventures to dark caves and dusty wind-swept deserts. Uncover some of archeology’s greatest mysteries as you journey across the land, battling against enemy players and evil mummies.

Your character develops as you progress through the action game The Mummy Online, learning new traits and skills. This allows for character customization and will ensure you are unique and that you stand out from other players in the virtual Egyptian world. Whether you dream of becoming a hero, want to amass wealth by fortune hunting, to seek new thrills and adventures, or simply want to bravely face the evil that haunts the spans of early 20th century Egypt, The Mummy Online game has a path for you.

The Mummy Online is developed using the 3D Unity graphics engine, giving players the feeling that they have transported back in time to 1930s Egypt. Uncover all the mysteries of tombstones and mummies, as you fight alongside all of the popular characters from the Mummy. Become a hero and go down in history as a fierce and brave fortune hunter.

by Kyle Hayth

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