The Duckforce Rises
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The Duckforce Rises
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Explore Duckburg in free-to-play game, The Duckforce Rises!

Duckburg is in danger! Help Donald Duck and his friends defeat all evil in The Duckforce Rises!


It’s a peaceful day in Duckburg. Donald Duck and Daisy are running some errands, Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck are flying a kite, and things are just going their normal way. If you’re familiar with the many stories of Duckburg, you will know that the calm never lasts for too long. Magica De Spell is up to no good. She opens a forbidden book in her thirst for power which releases uncontrollable magic and monsters. As you can expect, Donald Duck’s hometown is thrown into chaos and mayhem and has to be saved from all evil. This is where you come in! It is up to you to save Duckburg from all evil in The Duckforce Rises.

Donald Duck in a Roleplaying Adventure

Of course it is up to Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge to save the day. After all, the richest man in Duckburg cannot risk that those pesky Beagle Boys steal his fortune or that Magica De Spell lays hands on his Number One Dime. Donald Duck and his uncle go up against all evil forces in turn-based battles. The Duckforce Rises is a true roleplaying game with trading card game elements. The combat system includes the use of cards that either attack enemies or defend your heroes. Use them wisely to deal damage without risking your own health.

Over the course of the adventure, you can even use the Hero Manager to upgrade characters and unlock new ones. Gyro Gearloose will always stand by your side in his headquarters by creating health packs and producing energy that will bring you to a new battle scene.

Battles Across the World

While Duckburg is one of the primary targets of Magica De Spell, it is not the only setting of the mobile RPG. The Duckforce Rises takes place in various locations. Thanks to Gyro Gearloose, your heroes can quickly travel from Duckburg to Dawson City, Mount Vesuvius, and other places. The latter should be interesting, as it is the location for Magica De Spell’s home base.

The Duckforce Rises is available for free on iTunes and in the Google Play Store. The app features in-app purchases.

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